The most unique executive leadership challenge ever offered.

Forget everything you ever learned about leadership at the MBA school. This leadership program will reveal strengths you never realised you had. No half-day simulation at the ropes course, this program is the real thing: real leadership in the wilds of Arctic East Greenland where life and death decisions are daily events.

This unique and innovative program is a world first, the brainchild of Arctic explorer Earl de Blonville. Earl led Australia's first Arctic expedition back in 1986, one of his five Arctic journeys. The expedition film was released internationally and first shown on Discovery Channel.

This is a very limited opportunity. Only four executives will be chosen. Each will undergo a rigorous selection process to determine his physical and psychological suitability fitness, as well as his 'fit' within the overall team mix. In addition, he will participate in a skills training program, based on an island in Bass Strait. Each member will be fully clothed and equipped with the best Arctic gear available (his to keep), including thermals, ocean waterproofs and camping kit.

The team will then assemble in East Greenland and meet our field guides: a wilderness medic, an Antarctic boat handler and a communications expert. We will travel in two long-range high-powered fastboats, equipped with modern satellite communications, and travel according to the weather and sea ice conditions.

Each executive member will take command of the entire expedition for a week in turn, and be responsible for one quarter of the journey and exploration program. This will include detecting ancient Inuit hunting camps, discovering the winter quarters of the first Europeans to travel this coast and undertaking glacial observations for climate change scientists.

To add to the challenge, we will live off the land, eating only traditional food caught by a local hunter, and bivouac on open rocks and icefloes. In addition, expect Earl to create a few other surprises to test and stretch each person.

An exceptional opportunity for personal discovery and real-time leadership, this program of learning within a framework of exploration history and climate change awareness, is set in one of the world's most majestic wilderness environments.

The entire program, from selection and training, through to the conclusion of the expedition's four-week field journey, will be filmed by one of the world's most highly- awarded documentary film makers, Michael Dillon, resulting in a television documentary to be released for worldwide distribution.